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Draw A Day

New for 2013, a fresh new idea which everyone can join in with. It is absolutely free, suitable for all ages and abilities, including those of you who would love to draw but believe that you can't, and takes only ten minutes a day... and it's fun!



I would like to commit to one year of producing ideas, subjects, techniques, suggestions for materials, inspirations, opportunities for you to ask questions, make suggestions, show your work if you would like to, and I too will do the 10-minute drawing and show my work.  The results will be that we will all improve our drawing skills, and will find that by having this creative commitment to ourselves, creativity will flourish. Hopefully it should be fun too.


I have outlined the idea behind this on my blog, which you can read by following this link: My Blog (Draw A Day)


When you follow this link, you will see my my blog page. If you would like to participate find the 'follow' button, usually at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.  Click this and enter your e-mail address to receive your daily Draw A Day e-mail.  You will then receive a confirmation e-mail.  Once you have subscribed I will send daily e-mails to you, and you can review any of the entries on my blog site.


Happy drawing!








Some of our ten-minute sketches...